Best Things To Know Before You Travel To Tbilisi, Georgia.

On the edge of Asia with a Soviet past, the Georgian capital isn’t somewhere people immediately think of for a quick European city break. And while it’s a longer flight than, say, Amsterdam or Lisbon, design hotel Rooms has put Tbilisi on the hipster weekender hit list. the food scene has had a refresh too. Smart restaurants such as Keto and Kote are serving up traditional dishes (big flavours include coriander, garlic and walnuts) with a contemporary twist in a vine-filled garden with views of the Caucasus; and Cafe Littera has reimagined the country’s diverse, herbaceous flavours, drawing influence from Central Asia, Russia and Turkey.

Tbilisi tourism

The capital of Georgia is a very upcoming travel destination and probably one of the most popular places to visit in the Caucasus. The liberal politics compared to the surrounding countries attract a lot of Western tourists and also digital nomads like me. Georgia is a flourishing country trying to get rid of the old Soviet Union image many people still have. Tbilisi tourism is doing all they can to show off that they are a modern place to visit in the Caucasus. In this Tbilisi travel guide I will give you all the info you need to know to make the most of your trip.

My trip to Tbilisi

All I can say is that if you are debating whether to visit Tbilisi you have to give it a go. I got in touch with Georgia tourism first time when I visited Batumi on the Black Sea and fell in love with the easy going culture. People are extremely nice and life still feels laid-back (although Georgians drive like idiots)! On my trip to Tbilisi I lived in the city center for 2 weeks and did a lot of day trips as well. Most of the days I went out eating in restaurants, drank wine in the evenings, visited cute coffee places, found some hidden gems around the city and ticked of the best places to see in Tbilisi. Read here more about how I spent two weeks in the city in my Tbilisi travel blog.

Georgia travel tips

When you are coming from another city in Georgia the best way to to visit Tbilisi is by Marshrutka’s. Ask around, Im pretty sure there are daily busses that travel to Tbilisi. From Batumi and Kutaisi there are modern high speed trains serving the capital multiple times a day.

Best time of the year to travel to Tbilisi

Every Tbilisi travel guide will tell you that spring and autumn are the best months to visit Tbilisi. Summer months can be extremely hot and winter months extremely cold. The city is most vibrant when it starts to get hot. People are out on the terraces enjoying the spring sun. So April to June is a good time to travel to Tbilisi. In Autumn you will be able to enjoy the beautiful colors of this season, its dry and has pleasant temperatures. I spent two weeks in the city in October and had one afternoon rain.

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